Bob Gay Student Scholarship

The American Society for Cytotechnology (ASCT) announced the creation of a new academic scholarship for cytotechnology students in 2014, the Bob Gay Scholarship. The Bob Gay Scholarship was created in honor and memory of Robert “Bob” Gay, who was a long-time supporter and a founding member of the ASCT and the ASCT Foundation. He served as a regional director, President of ASCT, and Treasurer for ASCT Services for two terms. For more than 30 years, Bob Gay made significant contributions to the field of cytotechnology through his work as a cytology supervisor, education coordinator and program director for several cytotechnology programs. He was dedicated in his support and advocacy for the field of cytology.

Following the establishment of The Bob Gay Lecture Series in 2012, the Bob Gay family decided to sponsor a $1000 Student Scholarship, which will be awarded annually to two cytotechnology students who have demonstrated academic excellence and the potential to make contributions to the cytology profession. This scholarship will be open to all students who have been enrolled in accredited schools of cytotechnology for at least six months. Eligible students must be a member of ASCT, have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, submit one letter of recommendation and submit a 500-word essay highlighting the student’s motivation for choosing cytotechnology as  a profession as well as their professional goals. Information highlighting further details of the scholarship will be distributed to cytotechnology schools in the fall of each year. The recipients of the 2023 scholarship were honored at the 2023 ASCT Annual Conference held at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio on May 5-6, 2023 where they received their awards. The two recipients also received funding from ASCT Services, Inc. to attend the 2023 conference. The scholarship application period for 2023 is now CLOSED.

Bob Gay Cytotech Scholarship, Overview

Bob Gay Cytotech Scholarship, Application Form